Providing a teacher pathway


JET does the following: 

  • Recruits the paraprofessionals

  • Coordinates crucial financial aid

  • Guides college admissions and enrollment

  • Sustains ongoing support and mentoring over the multi-year journey to become a teacher.

 JET uses a cohort-based model that generates vital peer support among the paraprofessionals to keep them on the path to degree completion and teacher licensure.

JET cohorts meet regularly during the academic year in Success Seminars.  The seminars are designed to build the cohort relationship and to address professional and career development topics such as navigating higher education, understanding the teacher licensure process, preparing for teacher employment and technology training.

JET helps you take advantage of a unique grant opportunity

Massachusetts Paraprofessional Teacher Preparation Grant provides assistance for undergraduate education expenses to employed paraprofessionals  who commit to becoming teachers in the Massachusetts public schools. Applications accepted from April 1 to June 1.

Yearly Timeline Overview

Complete the JET Interest Form

Apply to the JET program

Early Spring:
Learn of acceptance to JET

Early Spring:
Begin advisement on College Admissions and Financial Aid

Apply to a College/University and Financial Aid Programs

Late Spring:
Hear about college admissions and financial aid and enroll in college courses

Fall Semester:
Begin college classes

Participate in JET Mentoring and Support Program

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