JET Goes to the State House

Who says JET Participants don’t know how to have fun and learn at the same time? Well, on Wednesday, April 18, five of us had a chance to have a ‘private’ walking tour of the state house, meet with State Representative Chynah Tyler of the 7th Suffolk district, and have a late lunch at Sterling’s restaurant on State Street.

The tour was given by James Jackson, Staff to Rep. Tyler. We started the tour on the Grand Staircase and made our way to the Great Hall. After visiting the House Chamber, which was magnificent, we went to the Governor's Chamber. There we took photos on the Governor's balcony, which faces Park Street…. what a view!! From the Governor’s Chamber we visited Bridgewater State University’s Project EarthView demonstration on the first floor. We took off our shoes and entered the earth’s core, which was a hand-painted, large scale globe of the earth’s surface. A great demonstration of inner-earth for both families and schools.

Meeting with Rep.Tyler was remarkable. She is a true advocate and champion of the myriad of issues that face our communities. Education is her passion and ‘justice for all’ is her cause! The participants spoke fervently of their goal to become a licensed teacher, the challenges they face on this journey and how the JET Program is a vehicle for their success. They shared with Rep Tyler that if it was not for JET they would not have the funding they need to pay their tuition. And that has made all the difference in being able to get their bachelor’s degree.

This outing with a group of dedicated Boston public school paraprofessionals reminded me of the powerful purpose of the JET Program. Some of JET’s goals are to provide networking opportunities for its participants and for them to be a resource to each other. This was truly apparent in this outing.

We completed the afternoon at Sterling’s Restaurant with a scrumptious late lunch along with good conversations reflecting on the afternoon and the JET Program in general. Good things come from just being relaxed and feeling untethered.