The Value of the JET Mentoring Program

Recently, Sam and I had the chance to speak with members of JET’s Mentoring Program. We spoke with a mentor and a mentee. See below for their experience with the JET Mentoring Program!

Our JETMP Mentee

Jackie Headshot.jpeg

Meet Jackie, a current mentee and Boston Public School Paraprofesional for approximately 14 years. Jackie had very positive things to say about the JET Mentoring Program, mentioning that “Education is my passion” and that some of the benefits of the mentor-mentee program include “the guidance, goals, and support. The mentor is someone who can support you in any way. The support…it’s all about support.”

Our JET MP Mentor:

Theresa Photo.jpg

Meet Teresa, who is a retired elementary principal. Teresa spoke positively about the JET Mentoring Program, highlighting how important it is to have “an opportunity for [JET participants] to become teachers; they’re passionate about the curriculum, and they love the kids.” Teresa also spoke about how the mentor-mentee relationship is a reciprocal one, feeling more like a partnership. Teresa mentioned how “It’s good to have somebody to share our challenges and successes with and to have someone who you can pick their brain about things that you were wondering…a sounding board.”

Jackie and Teresa have been within the school system in various positions for many years. We appreciate them for participating and sharing their experience with us!