JET Receives State Funding

JET is celebrating! The FY20 Massachusetts state budget is finally in place, and JET is a part of it. A huge thanks to all of our participants and supporters who spoke up and helped make this happen. JET greatly appreciates this state funding which enables JET to carry out and grow its mission in the state's urban school districts. Due to last year's state funding, JET was able to expand its services for paraprofessionals to 5 new urban districts - Brockton, Fall River, New Bedford, Springfield and

JET has added nearly 60 new paraprofessionals who want to become licensed teachers in their urban schools. These new participants will have a JET mentor who is an experienced educator in their district to provide personal and professional support. JET paraprofessionals receive financial aid support from the state Paraprofessional Teacher Preparation grant, which is available to them through the completion of their bachelor's degree.

We look forward with great anticipation to continuing to work with the paraprofessionals in the Boston Public Schools and welcoming those in our new school district partners of Brockton, Fall River, New Bedford, Springfield and Worcester.