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Report Review: 7 Trends in the Teaching Force and the Implications for JET

A report by Ingersoll, Merrill, Stuckey, and Collins from the University of Pennsylvania (2018), Seven Trends: The Transformation of the Teaching Force – Updated October 2018, analyzed various data sources to answer the question of whether or not the teaching workforce has changed between 1987 and 2016. They found and noted seven particular ways in which the teaching force has changed during this time. Specifically, they said that the teaching workforce has become: grayer, greener, larger, more female, more diverse (by race and ethnicity), consistent in academic ability, and unstable (Ingersoll et. al, 2018). Of particular interest to me were the researchers’ thoughts on how the teaching workforce has become grayer, greener, larger, more female, and more diverse. What exactly do they mean when they say the teaching force has changed in these ways, and what are the implications for JET? Read more to find out.

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