Success within JET


"The JET program was a key factor in helping me accomplish my bachelor's degree. Not only because of the financial help but your constant support, guidance, and help throughout a process that was so foreign to me. You both answered my emails quickly and with the answers I needed and if you didn't know you offered to find out the information, and you always did. You both went the extra mile to help us, even bringing us food to all the meetings!! I felt your genuine care and support throughout the time I was part of the program. I would never forget all your words of encouragement and all your efforts to see us succeed. I am very proud of being part of the JET Program and I hope you continue to have all the resources to keep helping para's like me finish their degree and obtain their goals.”
Tatiana Obeso, JET Boston’s First Licensed Teacher


"I am extremely grateful to the JET program for holding my hand and walking me through the necessary steps to get back into the classroom after nearly 25 years. With each year that passed, school became increasingly intimidating and overwhelming. The JET program understood my reservations and supported me each step of the way. Thanks to this program, I feel confident in continuing my participation in the Severe Disabilities licensure program at Boston University. Not only do I feel prepared for the classes and workload, I am more comfortable with the administrative systems involved in applying to, registering for, and paying for classes. I am excited to become a teacher of students with severe disabilities, and know I will get a great education at BU."
–Jenn Kelley



Without the JET Program, this would have remained a secret dream in my heart. The grant made it possible to pay for school but, the JET Program helped me finish the path. Not feeling alone in my quest was the single most important element in my success. The money helps, but the support was/is invaluable.”
–Deborah Barabino

"…the JET Program gave me confidence unlike anything I have known.  It instilled in me the importance of perseverance and dedication.  That is what I strive to instill in my students.”

"JET taught me to be a strong person, a hard worker and to never give up; this is my power.  My confidence level increased with this program…”

"Completing my education within a cohort gave me the support I needed…I could not have continued my education without this support…Today I feel very proud of my accomplishment, and I am happy to be teaching in my own classroom…”

"I am so happy I pushed through…when you think you can’t, try anyway!”

"It is an unexplainable feeling to persevere through this program with all that’s involved.  It has taken dedication and sacrifice, but with the support from instructors and cohort members, this process has been enriching and life-changing.”

"Anything is achievable if you want it badly enough…You will feel so proud and accomplished once you complete the JET Program.  The path on this ‘journey’ may twist and turn, but once you cross that finish line, you will be glad you did.”

"The tremendous increase in self confidence has made me a risk-taker.  It has taught me to never be afraid to ask questions.  It has re-ignited a passion for lifelong learning…and helped me to …have high expectations for myself and others.”

"While my journey with JET was filled with many difficult moments, one thing I gained was the opportunity to show children that they can do anything they set their minds to, no matter where they come from…”

"I was a very good para, good at the supportive role, and the JET program helped me to become a leader.”