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From paraprofessional to teacher


JET is a proven pathway to teaching for paraprofessionals without bachelor's degrees who want to become licensed classroom teachers in their urban community high needs schools. 

JET fosters a community teacher pipeline of educators who already have substantial classroom experience prior to licensure, reflect the racial, cultural and linguistic diversity of the student population and are committed long term to teaching in their communities. 

JET is currently working with paraprofessionals in the Boston Public Schools.

JET has broad application across Massachusetts and is expanding to the urban school districts of Brockton, Fall River, New Bedford, Holyoke, Springfield and Worcester. Paraprofessionals are a significant part of these community teacher pipelines.  


JET  has multiple benefits:

  • Brings non-traditional, first-in-the-family students into higher education and raising their college completion rates;

  • Provides the opportunity to attain professional employment and improves the socio-economic status of low income wage earners;

  • Develops role models in schools, families and communities with high needs;

  • Builds a local teacher pipeline of educators reflective of and committed long-term to the community.


JET is a solution to diversify the teacher workforce.

JET is a program of the Massachusetts Foundation for Teaching and Learning, a 501(c)(3) organization.  The Foundation, established in 1986, operates exclusively for the charitable and education purposes of improving preK-12 student learning through innovative teacher training and approaches to professional learning, especially for educators in high-need urban school districts.  It seeks and administers grants that support this work.