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Mission, Vision and Values


Vision and Mission

JET envisions a highly trained, diverse teacher workforce that provides all students the opportunity for success. In pursuit of this vision, JET guides and mentors urban paraprofessionals, without bachelor’s degrees, to complete college and earn their Massachusetts teacher licenses. JET builds a community teacher pipeline by leveraging the knowledge, experience, and passion of paraprofessionals who are committed to teaching long- term in their community schools.



JET uncovers and presents resources that benefit and support the pathway to becoming a licensed, professional classroom teacher.

JET provides tools and resources to develop skills that enable participants to take hold of and persist in their academic and professional growth.

JET believes that bringing together the expertise, knowledge, and skills of diverse participants and staff strengthens the impact of the program on everyone involved. Everyone’s voice has a chance to be heard and everyone’s experience is respected.

JET works with participants until they achieve their goals of becoming licensed teachers. JET participants are dedicated to a long and challenging process to complete their academic goals.

JET promotes professional growth, leading to increased economic self-sufficiency for its participants. JET sees individual and societal goals as mutually beneficial for students, schools, and communities.

JET honors the racial, cultural, linguistic, and economic backgrounds of its participants and recognizes the strength, dignity, and understanding they bring to urban communities.


 JET  Paraprofessionals are diverse


JET diversifies the teacher workforce in Boston.

Currently, only 39% of BPS teachers are diverse but 85% of BPS students are diverse.

87% of JET participants are diverse.